How to Pick a Venue That Does the Work for You!

Selecting a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make while planning your wedding. Some couples find their perfect “I Do” spot right away. But for some couples, it can be a very difficult task. Our staff has provided three simple steps that will help you choose a venue that does the work for you on your “Big Day”!

Step 1: Select a Few Venues that Align with Your Wedding Day Vision.

Featured is our Founders Inn and Spa Ballroom decorated for a past wedding.

If you are trying to maintain a theme of garden fairy bliss, maybe you should stay away from a gothic cathedral that gives off a vampy vibe. Try to make sure that the venue selections you have in mind keep with the theme and expectations you and your partner have created. Designing a linear space that falls in line with your theme will set the tone for the wedding. Consider choosing a venue that has “timeless character”. The Founders Inn and Spa has a wide variety of spaces that can add a touch of elegance to any wedding. From our Formal English Gardens to our spacious Two-Story Atrium, we’ll have a space that will exceed your expectations!


Step 2: Keep Your Guest List in Mind.

Featured is our Formal English Gardens set for a wedding ceremony.

Not to be too obvious here but if you have a guest list of 150 people, your guests are not going to fit into a space meant for 100, no matter how beautiful it is. The same could be said for a small guest list. Your pictures will look very empty if you have 50 people attend but you chose a venue that could fit 300 guests. Try finding a venue that can meet the demands of your guest list whether it unexpectedly grows or shrinks! Here at The Founders Inn and Spa, we have a variety of wedding venues that can showcase anywhere from 50 to 1400 guests! Make sure you are selecting a venue that will support the proper number of guests because having too little space is just as bad as having too much!

Step 3: Select a Venue that is Budget Friendly.


Melody Gillikin4
The featured image was taken on Regent University Campus, which is located next to our property and is often used as a venue area.

So, you found the perfect venue…but it’s way out of your price range! This is every couples’ worst nightmare. This scary event can be easily avoided if you select venues that are within your budget. Every venue will have minute details that may not be perfect. Keep in mind the venue will look different once decorated and filled with your friends and family. Try to find a venue that is willing to work within your budget to make your special day perfect! Our wedding and event staff at The Founders Inn and Spa works very hard to keep your budget in mind whilst giving you award winning service.



Whatever decisions you and your partner make regarding what venue you choose, make sure that you both can see yourself getting married in that space. And as for the details, leave the planning to us! Our staff is more than happy to help bring your vision to fruition at The Founders Inn and Spa. Call today at 757-366-5716!


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