Avoiding the Bakeshop Blues: Things to Know Before You Book Your Cake Baker

So you scheduled a few appointments with some local wedding cake bakers, but you’re drawing a blank on what to discuss. This is a frequent problem plenty of couples’ face while planning their special day.  Cake tastings can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are not “up to snuff” on all things cake related, which is most people. Have no fear, The Founders Inn Wedding Team is here! In this article, we are going to give you some insight from our very own pastry chef and wedding cake designer, Kaitlyn Davis.

We asked Kaitlyn some questions based on the most frequently asked questions to ask your cake baker before booking based on some other wedding blogs which we’ve broken down for you here:

A wedding cake constructed in our bakeshop at The Founders Inn and Spa.

What are my filling choices?

Kaitlyn’s Comments: “Fillings in cakes are becoming less popular in the wedding cake world. More people are leaning towards plain buttercream instead of filling.  Some of the more common fillings are Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, and Lemon. But, if you are looking for something unique, we can work it up for you here in the bakeshop.”

PART_1499884951517_IMG_20170609_165235709Do you work with Fondant or Buttercream? What tastes better?

Kaitlyn’s Comments: “It really comes down to the look of the cake. Fondant makes the cake look fancy, but it’s going to cost more. Buttercream is the better tasting of the two but doesn’t always look as polished as fondant. It’s a matter of preference.”


Sugar Flowers vs. Real Flowers

Kaitlyn’s Comments: “Pre-made sugar flowers are typically the easiest and less expensive than if the designer has to make them by hand. If you are looking for a specific kind of flower, it’s usually better to go through your florist to make sure it’s the right type and color you like. Regardless of what you choose, you will end up picking them off before you eat the cake so it really comes down to preference.

Kaitlyn also provided us with some discussion topics in addition to the above: What is the cake to guest ratio? Also, discuss how your cake topper will be incorporated into your cake style and make known any food allergies and ask about separate kitchen preparation.

We also asked our pastry chef some fun questions too!



What are some of your favorite cake flavor combinations?

“Some of my top favorites are almond cake with raspberry filling, lemon cake with strawberry whipped filling, and I’m a chocolate kind of girl so a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.”

What was the coolest Wedding Cake you’ve designed?

“ A lot of the cakes I do are pretty traditional so I would really be interested in doing a themed wedding cake or a wedding cake that had colored icing.”

Check out more cakes made by our Bakeshop by clicking here!


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