Pet-tastic Weddings: How to Include Your Furry Friends

We all love our pets! Some of us love them so much we want them to be a part of our wedding day! The Founders Inn and Spa have had many couples include their pets in a variety of roles to share their day with their best friend and their best friend with four legs! Not so sure about Fido being the ring bearer? Hopefully, these ideas will help you determine how to include your pet in a way that is best suited for your “Big Day”.


#1: Is Your Pet Up to the Task?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Try not to stress yourself worrying about your pet. If you feel they are not well-mannered enough or that they will be uncomfortable during the experience you may want to consider a different pet option, such as pictures only. Also, think about if you want them to participate in the ceremony. Try to think about the big picture before you decide to include your pet.

Navy-Military-Founders-Inn-Garden-Virginia-Beach-Elopement-Andrew-Tianna-Photography-456-683x1024#2: Be Sure to Give Your Wedding Party A “Heads-Up”.

We know that you LOVE your pet but try to remember that others may not be comfortable with pets’ due to a variety of reasons including past experiences with animals and allergies. Since you love your wedding party too, it’s best to give them a respectful “heads-up” before any wedding events with your animal pal.

#3: Consider A Wide Variety of Grooming and Dressing Options for Your Pet.

It took you some time to determine what everyone was wearing for the wedding so take some time thinking about your pet. Maybe you want your pet to wear a tuxedo bib or a lovely flower crown. Some couples just opt for a decorated leash or a new collar to keep it simple. Whatever you decide, above all make sure that your pet is cleaned and groomed! You don’t want your guests talking about how everything smelled like wet dog.

#4: Your pet doesn’t have to be a dog…it can be anything!

MAR_1613 - Copy

Not everyone has a “conventional pet” like a dog or cat. Maybe you have a favorite pet goat or a potbellied pig! Whatever kind of pet you have there are a variety of ways to fit them into your photos or wedding day events. An example of this in real life is at Indian Weddings. In Indian culture, the Baraat or “grooms wedding procession” traditionally involves the groom riding up on a decorated horse. Over the years, the tradition has faded in American-Indian culture, but the Shivani-Patel Wedding that took place at The Founders Inn and Spa this past February included a beautiful and majestic horse courtesy of Smithfield Horse & Carriage.

Whether you decided to include your pet-tastic friend or not, your day will be perfect. Just remember to have fun! And if your four-legged is there, they are sure to bring life and vibrancy to your “Big Day”!


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