Helpful Tips on How to Trim Your Guest List

On your special day, it’s important to have those close to you to celebrate and remember the day with you, but unfortunately, we must place a limit on how many can celebrate with us due to a variety of reasons. We know that filtering your guest list can be a daunting task and can prove to be a bit overwhelming. We have compiled a few tips that will prove to be useful while you and your loved ones’ sort through the list to determine your final numbers.

Plus Ones

no plus oneIf you have friends that are engaged or in a committed relationship it’s obvious that they will be bringing a plus one. But if you have a tight budget, consider eliminating boyfriends and girlfriends. Think of it this way, your unattached guests are going to have fun socializing and mingling, which will eliminate the risk of your guests feeling awkward about their date being “lonely”.

Workplace Relations

We get it! You love your job and your co-workers, but do you really want your boss thereoffice setting on your wedding day? A wedding no matter how big or small is intimate, and you will want to feel stress-free when you are with your guests. In business, it’s a good idea to separate your professional life from your personal life, and it doesn’t get any more personal than your wedding!

Rowdy Relatives

drunkWe all know some relatives that often get a little too “toasted” at family events. This can cause quite a bit of distress among other guests especially if those type of relatives often ruin the fun for others by using coarse language and engaging in inappropriate behaviors. Consider leaving them off the invite list to spare you and your guests some harsh and tasteless memories.

Trimming a quest list can be tricky, but hopefully, these tips provide some much-needed relief during your “slash and burn” session. Remember that the staff at The Founders Inn and Spa is always happy to help with any questions you and your family may have while planning. Give us a call today at 757.366.5716!


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