Founders Inn Bride of July: Lyndsey Lipps

The Lipps-Gruber Wedding took place at The Founders Inn and Spa on April 22nd, 2017, Earth Day. From the flowers to the wedding dress, Lyndsey’s Garden Wedding was a vision to behold. Their photographer, Amanda Manupella, captured the day perfectly, as well as the sentiment in her blog article.

“Between the perfect service and the words that were spoken that day. There was just so much love in that church it made my heart skip a beat. These two are one of my sweetest couples. I thought it was precious the way she would crinkle her nose and smile at him. I could see how nervous she was to start their dance, and I could almost read his lips telling her to relax and to TRUST him. She did. I think she always has.” ~ Amanda Manupella, Wedding Photographer


We chose Lyndsey as our Featured Founders Bride for this month because we felt her wedding and décor emulated the same timeless beauty and charm as our property. Read more about Lyndsey’s Wedding by visiting Amanda Manupella’s page.Check out more of Lyndsey’s photos below, or our Pinterest page by clicking here.


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